Customizing and fixing references

A quick Endnote tutorial with tips I wish I had known off the bat. I hope this will save you time!

Inserting references in Word: Click insert Citation, found once you have clicked on your Endnote tab in Word. The drop down arrow next to Insert provides insert options!

If for whatever reason you need to manually adjusted your Endnote output style:
Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager (if shortcut is not there – Edit “APA…”) > Select the name of the style you want to edit and push Edit.

A similar screen should appear:


This gives you access to edit how the references appear in the in-text citations and bibliography.

Generally I have only found when I have certain, e.g., reports to reference that do not fit well with the presets I would make my own. This allows me to know exactly what I need to put in when I enter these ‘odd’ references. It also helps to get rid of pesky presets that are left blank but then show as missing information in your bibliography.

In the edit style screen as above > Bibliography > Templates (navigation pane) and then select Reference Types > Unused 1 (right hand pane) and using Insert Field select what fields you are able to input that will standardize your Bibliography.

Another thing to be aware of is if you have a travel library if can cause referencing problems. So if you have noted a problem and fixed it, but the bibliography does not update it may be due to the reference being pulled from the travel library… How to check if this is your problem, right click on the in-text reference > Edit Citations > More. In the Library column you will be able to see if the reference is being pulled from your travelling library. Use the drop down arrow on the Edit Reference button and select update from my library. This should solve it!