MobaXterm and JuiceSSH

For all my metabarcoding pipelines I use NeSI‘s HPC. This has its pros and cons, but ultimately unless I was to really invest quite the sum of money to upgrade my current laptop I would not be able to run multiple pipelines (or even a single pipeline depending on the demand) at once. So, NeSI’s HPC it is for now.

I use MobaXterm (home edition) as the access window to NeSI’s HPC – it is simple and works great. It is setup for SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and then for ease of file transfer I have linked it with Cyberduck  – browse the server with Cyberduck that has well designed user interface.

Before you could get these linked you would need to know your remote host/server, URL (pathway to your space on that server – the space which Cyberduck lets you see nicely) and have a username and password that will allow you access to this space.

JuiceSSH – well I am a fan! This app for android allows you to see how your pipeline is progressing on-the-go. It is pretty awesome and you can’t really beat the convenience of just pulling out your phone instead of a laptop.

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