SSV Robert C. Seamans in Auckland

The SSV Robert C. Seamans docked in Auckland a few days ago and I had the privilege of hopping on board for a tour of the yacht by chief scientist, Kerry Whittaker and a meal with undergrad students (SEA semester is not aimed at science students, fyi) from the USA who are now busy with research for the next month at sea!

You can follow them here:


Smooth sailing and see you all when you back in Auckland!

Find me some scampi 🙂

MobaXterm and JuiceSSH

For all my metabarcoding pipelines I use NeSI‘s HPC. This has its pros and cons, but ultimately unless I was to really invest quite the sum of money to upgrade my current laptop I would not be able to run multiple pipelines (or even a single pipeline depending on the demand) at once. So, NeSI’s HPC it is for now.

I use MobaXterm (home edition) as the access window to NeSI’s HPC – it is simple and works great. It is setup for SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and then for ease of file transfer I have linked it with Cyberduck  – browse the server with Cyberduck that has well designed user interface.

Before you could get these linked you would need to know your remote host/server, URL (pathway to your space on that server – the space which Cyberduck lets you see nicely) and have a username and password that will allow you access to this space.

JuiceSSH – well I am a fan! This app for android allows you to see how your pipeline is progressing on-the-go. It is pretty awesome and you can’t really beat the convenience of just pulling out your phone instead of a laptop.